Field Observation IV

Unfinished content, mystery, and timely controversy. In Henry Jenkins's Designing for Spreadability, he highlights a variety of methods for increasing the spreadability of content - unfinished content, mystery and timely controversy. Of the three methods, the one that stood out to me the most was unfinished content. Both brands declined complete control over the creation … Continue reading Field Observation IV


Shared Fantasies, Humor, and Parody and References

In his book, Designing for Spreadability, Henry Jenkins touches on three different ways media can spread: through shared fantasies, humor, and/or parody and references. Shared fantasies refer to work that intentionally leaves gaps for the audience to fill in and speculate on while humor attempts to express one's opinion on something in a lighthearted manner … Continue reading Shared Fantasies, Humor, and Parody and References

Producerly Texts and Cultural Resources

In his book, Designing for Spreadability, Henry Jenkins references a quote from John Fiske, a scholar in the field of communications to introduce the concept of "producerly": The producerly text [...] has loose ends that escape its control, its meanings exceed its own power to discipline them, its gaps are wide enough for whole new … Continue reading Producerly Texts and Cultural Resources

Designing for Spreadability

Henry Jenkins notes in Designing for Spreadability that "what is interesting to individuals may not be material they want to spread through their communities, and some media texts they spread may become more interesting because of their perceived value." He subsequently also discusses how random and difficult it actually is to create viral content, noting … Continue reading Designing for Spreadability

The Creative Industry

The Collective Podcast is a collaboration that seeks to engage in meaningful discussion and garner insight from leaders in the creative industry. The podcast is hosted by Ash Thorp and each episode features a special guest. Because the industry as a whole is incredibly diverse, the podcast has had a wealth of individuals from a variety of backgrounds from musicians … Continue reading The Creative Industry